Gleb S.

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I created twelve interactive experiences for the second floor of the Museum of the Bible that has just opened in Washington DC in Fall of 2017.

The Biblical Place Names experience features a database of all places in the United States named after places mentioned in the Bible.

The following are educational videos that play on vertical monitors. In the videos, stage actors play some of the American Founding Fathers and read excerpts from their letters where they argue how much the Bible is ought to influence political decisions in the newly founded nation.

The letters themselves are placed in glass boxes below.

American Spirituals and Gospels experience is a non-interactive jukebox that lives in an isolated booth inside the museum.

Bible in Government is a projected interactive experience that shows countries, which constitutions and laws quote directly from the Bible.

Biblical Birthdate Card is a small station that shows exactly how many years, months and days after Jesus Christ the museum visitor was born. The visitor can print out a card as a memento piece.

The following experiences are part of the Bible Now rotunda at the end of the floor. They feature Bible-related news, polls and image creation experience, all of which get projected on 360-degree panoramic panels in the rotunda.